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was founded in 2007

Focused on mixing, mastering and re-amping.


Working with artists to create their own musical visions with high-end gear is the fundamentals of all great albums! We got the tools and experience to make your ideas come to life.


is the process where the artists recording come to life. It’s the single most important step of the production. Shaping all elements from the production stage to create an inspiring mix that meets the artists vision is key!


This is the final step of the production. Taking the final mixes to another level. Making them clearer, punchier, wider and louder without destroying your mix! Apple Digital Music approved masters.

Apple Digital Masters


shaping the guitar and bass tone to make it even more powerful in the mix. Sending a dry DI track to one of our amps can make such a difference to the production and mix. We have a wide array of amplifiers to fit any style of music.


THE Story

Having worked with bands such as Aeon, Blood Red Throne, Sorcerer, Meshuggah, Reincarnage, Buried Realm, 220 volt, Nightrage, Bodyfarm, Centinex, Sterbhaus, Perfect Plan, Memoria Avenue just to name a few.

 This company is proudly endorsed by Toontrack, Neural DSP plugins, Mercuriall Audio, Kazrog and SubMission Audio.

 Welcome with your projects!

 //Ronnie Björnström, CEO Björnström Sound & Production

“Faster than lightning and more precise than military gps positioning. Always gets the sound(s) you want and open to change and new ideas”

Teddy Möller (Loch Vostok, Satans Kadaver)

”During my nearly 30 year career and 25 album releases, I’ve never worked with such an easy-going, talented and professional producer as Ronnie. This guy knows his stuff and is always supportive and brings the best out of every production!”

Daniel Olaisen (Blood Red Throne, Big City)

“Professional, fast and responsive to your demands while getting his powerful signature touch on your work. When it comes to metal, Ronnie is the best in the biz and a dream to work with.”

Andreas Björnson (Reincarnage, ex-Cut Up)

“Ronnie is a fearless producer who is always up for a challenge. Not only is he highly skilled, he is also very efficient and a breeze to work with. Ronnie is a master of brutality and one of the best producers in metal today. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to bring in a killer vibe to their music.”

Tasos Tzimorotas (The Bleeding)

Ronnie Björnström is first and foremost a dear friend of mine, who also happens to be a killer sound engineer, guitarist and songwriter. I first met Ronnie back in 2013 when he helped one of my bands out with the live sound for a festival appearance. You could say we hit it off right away and we’ve worked closely ever since, both on a productional level and as members of the same band. Ronnie is a genuine good guy who always go the extra mile to help his customers achieve their goals and make their visions a reality!

Christian Älvestam (Miseration, Solution .45, Svavelvinter, ex- Scar Symmetry)

I’ve worked with Ronnie almost exclusively for the best part of a decade now and he continues to be my first choice for mixing and mastering, and I have a feeling I will go to him with all my musical projects in the coming ten years as well. Why? Because he always delivers outstanding quality. He’s simply a master at his craft; he knows how to create exciting, punchy mixes that explodes out of the speakers and demands your attention! That’s what I want from my music….none of this safe, cookie-cutter s**t. He’s fast, attentive, resourceful and responsive and has some of the best ears in the business. Always positive with a “yes we can!” attitude, and he’s always willing to try even the craziest ideas. On top of all this he is the sweetest, nicest guy you’ll ever meet. I can’t recommend him enough.

Kristian Niemann (Sorcerer)

”I’ve worked with a lot of top producers over the years and Ronnie is absolutely one of the best! A down-to-earth guy who works fast and patiently and always delivers a great sound!”

Magnus Söderman, (Nightrage, Mezzrow)

“Ronnie delivered crushing guitar/ bass tones and a cutting drum mix without sacrificing its organic nature. Totally stoked on the production results.”

Josh Dummer (Buried Realm)

Heavy hitting sounds like no other! Ronnie is your go-to guy for that in-your-face, larger than life sound.

Thomas “Plec” Johansson (The Panic Room Studios)

“Ronnie is super professional, accurate, fast and easy guy to work with. Tons of experience in a wide range of different styles of productions can be found on this dudes meritorious CV. If you need a really great studio technician for re-amping, mixing & mastering, look no further, Ronnie at BLP is your man”

Stellan Gunnarsson – (Hexed)




Nybrogatan 47, 852 43 Sundsvall, Sweden